4 Ways To Stop Impulse Buys Before You Regret It

Impulse Buys

Impulse buying is easy to do. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it. We walk down the aisle and see something that catches our attention and without thinking too much about it, we put […]

Is The Stock Market a Gamble?

Is The Stock Market a Gamble?

Many people believe that investing in the stock market is the same as gambling. They also teach that index funds, mutual funds and ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) are the best investments. None of these are […]

The Date Idea That Can Boost Your Relationship

The Best Date Idea

Last week my wife and I went on a date. We usually try to go on one every week, but now that we have a little one sometimes time gets away from us and it […]

The Lottery Results Are In, Where Do You Fall?

Lottery Results Wont Get you where you want

Have you ever noticed how many people play the lottery at your local gas station? It seems like I’m always behind someone buying a lottery ticket. They’ll buy their ticket and scratch it to see […]

Net Worth Update-March, 2017: $65,210.14 (+552.16)

Net Worth Update March 2017

This post contains affiliate links but it’s ok, you don’t have to click them. March has come and gone faster than I could have imagined. I felt like I hardly had any time to work on […]

Why and How To Track Your Net Worth

How and Why Track Your Net Worth

Net worth is a concept I began thinking about recently as I read more and more personal finance and early retirement blogs. It is a great method to track your financial progress. Net worth is calculated […]

3 Ways To Save Money – From My Grandpa

We often forget about the generation that had to cut a lot of spending. Here are three ways I learned to save money from my grandpa.

I’ve read a lot of articles on ways to save money. But one group of people with a wealth of knowledge we don’t tap into is how our grandparents have cut spending to save money. […]

Teaching Kids About Money – Saving For Beginners

Teaching Kids about Money is an important lesson we forget to teach. This post is the beginning of my simple series about teaching kids how to manage money.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Like all parents, I want my kid(s) to be better off than I am. My thought is to teach them how to make wiser choices with money before they […]