How We Prepared to Live On One Income

Live on One Income

My wife and I are leaving this week to bring our son home from Korea. For those of you that don’t know, we are adopting a little boy from there. (To know more about adopting […]

One Skill You Need To Protect Your Money

Protect Your Money

Sorry guys, I’m going to use our baby shower to make my point. Please stick with me. You should find it helpful. The skill can be practiced on anything. We recently had a baby shower for […]

How to Pay Off Debt The Right Way

How to Pay Off Debt

Paying off debt is an important step in financial independence and building wealth. We can’t build wealth when we have to give it to our creditors. The less money you can afford to live on […]

5 Tips to Travel Cheap

Travel Cheap

We all love to travel. Truthfully, it is probably one of my guilty pleasures. If there is one thing that can keep me from becoming financially independent, it’s traveling. Traveling can get expensive unless you […]

My Inexpensive Trip to Korea

Seoul on a Budget

I love to travel. It is probably one of my greatest passions. I created this blog so that I could hopefully one day monetize it and travel more. Until recently, our travels where only in […]

How to Add Margin in Life

This last year and a half has gone by very fast for me and my family. Ever since we started our adoption, we have had something to do. Most days we were either filling out paperwork, planning fundraising […]

Christmas on a Budget

Christmas Budget

Christmas comes every year and yet it catches many of us by surprise. A lot of us plan on a bonus from our employer to go out and get presents for our friends and family. Far to often we […]

Saving for Emergencies

Now that we’ve created a budget and cut back on some of our spending, we need to save the difference. Not having a plan for our savings makes it easier to spend on things we […]

Why We’re Adopting

Why Adopt? Why Not! There are many reasons to adopt. Each family has their own reasons from infertility to wanting to help the orphaned. Our reason doesn’t vary from those too much. It may actually […]